Kubota L2501 problems with grapple

Kubota L2501 problems with grapple Problems

Hi guys. It’s the first time I’ve called, but I’ve been a listener for a long time

I have bought a brand new Kubota L2501, along with a brush cutter, a grapple bucket and a box blade. I have already had to return the brush cutter as it threw up all the oil before I used it. I have used the grapple mostly, and the tractor is now about 25 hours old. The other day I wanted to get it out of the way, but the battery was dead, which seemed strange to me for having been idle for only a couple of weeks. I charged the battery, and today I wanted to use the tractor and grapple, and when I tried to open the grapple grabs, they didn’t. Everything on the tractor seems to work fine. Upon inspection, I found that the claw control is connected directly to the battery with an in-line fuse. I changed the fuse and started it. The claw was not yet open, but now the loader hardly works. I pulled out the fuse to see the connection, and even with the tractor off, when the fuse makes contact it makes a spark. I think the “close” function is stuck that way, which, since it’s wired to the battery, could be the cause of dead battery. I think the “close” function is stuck, which, being connected to the battery, may be the cause of the dead battery.

I think I would take it to the dealership. I’d also like to have it wired correctly with a key activated relay, so the solenoid isn’t always hot (that’s not good). Maybe that’s the way Landpride installs it, but that’s half $$$ to me. good luck

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