Kubota L2501 would not start today!

Kubota L2501 would not start today! Problems

I have had it a month, 22 hours and I have started it more than 100 times.Today, after turning it off, he has not started.Tried 8-10 times, it just clicked, the lights on the dash, clicking, but the starter won’t turn on.I have checked the seat switch, the PTO was off, I jerked the kickstarter to make sure it was centered and the clutch was depressed.I looked under the tractor for sticks or obstructions, nothing obvious.I got back on the tractor and it started and ran the rest of the day with no problems, starting at least 10 more times today.Any idea what happened or what to look for in the future.Thanks for the help.

Clean the battery cables and connections.

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